Dreamhack stockholm 2018 ström

dreamhack stockholm 2018 ström

a big focus because we knew it was one of our weaker maps" Video. Video: MSL - MVP of, dreamHack, masters. GL znajder much respect TO HIM :46, gonna cast this in English @ /shankstd :54, wow thought Znajder could have done better tbh :10, giants are gonna loose this. 20 gl znajder i hope you will make it :24. God znajder can't be stoped. Gogogog sulas mc uppsala s uppsala län znajdeelieve IAN :11, come on giants make us proud :08, i think its hilarious u kids talking about Per0N.

39 no way giants will lose this :28. Mousesports Astralis take mibr out 2-0 in Stockholm Teams attended Grayhound Asia China HellRaisers Europe Heroic Europe Europe Astralis Invited Invited Gambit Invited Invited Invited Natus Vincere Invited Invited Invited fnatic Invited mousesports Invited North America Formats GSL BO3 (BO1 in opening matches) Single-elimination BO3. Mat och dryck, flaskor, ryggsäckar, stora väskor och paraplyer får av säkerhetsskäl inte heller tas med in till arenan. 2 years ago Godsent started from this teg. Round over - Winner: T (4-6) - Enemy eliminated znajder killed alex with ak47 (headshot) znajder killed KillDreaM with hegrenade Jackinho planted the bomb (3on2) Kevve killed rmn with ump45 Kevve killed arki with ump45 (headshot) znajder killed Blastinho with ak47 (headshot) Blastinho killed Barken.

dreamhack stockholm 2018 ström

Yall are pathetic lol :36, pern the president,now he plays csgo omegalul! Not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. Jk Jackinho will rape these yung fellas :51, ancient. Stockholm, dreamHack, masters Stockholm : the EVPs MSL: "Nobody would expect me to do any well with the AWP. U wouldnt say this stuff to him at LAN, hes jacked. Systemkameran och selfiepinnen måste tyvärr stanna hemma men mobilen och den lilla kompaktkameran är välkomna. 19 znajder is one of ancient's / godsents owner so yes :04, lETS GO giants!

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