Stockholms slott

stockholms slott

the plans. They are made of bronze, and were originally to be placed in the palace's stairwells. Dekoreringsarbetet var i full gång när den stora slottsbranden började den å större delen av slottet totalförstördes. 65 The biggest facade renovation in the history of the palace started in May 2011. 45 The western facade The northern facade The eastern facade The southern facade The courtyards edit The outer courtyard and the western row seen from the tower of the Storkyrkan The palace has two courtyards. Together with Tessin he was active at the palace construction and they were helped by several German journeymen. The archive also contains records from the Royal Court and the Crown palaces in Sweden. The Royal Guards have guarded the palace and the Royal Family since 1523.

stockholms slott

44 The wing was finished by architect Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz, 32 and was originally used as the royal gardhouse, offices for domestic, foreign and war departments as well as the National Archives of Sweden. Nya slottet Redan sex veckor efter branden, i juni 1697, träffades Karl XII:s förmyndarregering på Karlbergs slott för att godkänna ritningarna på ett nytt slott som Nicodemus Tessin (43) ritat. The National Library of Sweden was housed in the northeast wing, the Biblioteksflygeln (the Library Wing until 1878. Kung vid detta tillfälle var, karl XII (med förmyndarregering) som månaden efter skulle fylla. 61 Renovations edit Weather-damage on a sandstone cantilever and a previous patching Renovation of the 922 windows in the palace started at the beginning of the 1990s. Most of the rooms are in the northern row and are used for audiences, awarding medals and for meetings with the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs. Cover photo is available under :me 'Unknown' license. "Kungliga slottet ett samhälle i miniatyr" The Royal Palace a miniature community (PDF).

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