Base jump stockholm död video liveleak

base jump stockholm död video liveleak

even higher peak located in Dagestan's Chekhy-Tchay gorge. Please review our commenting rules here, liveleak on Facebook. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? This jump is training for us, we are here to get acclimatized before tomorrow's the trip to Dagestan to the Erydag Mountain.". C/U Ratmir Nagimyanov putting equipment. Liveleak 2, the base jumper's parachute fails to open as the man plummets to the ground. Despite being called 'Enchanted Mountain' in Ingush, the 3,200 metre high mountain, located in the Northern Caucasus, is one of the most dangerous mountains in the area, claiming the lives of numerous climbers over the years. But it depends if the roof or floor from where the jump is carried out has been lawfully accessed. Headcam video of moment base jumper Lee Cooper slams into rocks after parachute fail in leap off 530ft Beachy Head cliff. Sickos jailed, woman, 28, paid 64k to send boyfriend videos of her sexually abusing toddler.

The unnamed man was taken to hospital, where he was treated for serious, but not life-threatening, injuries, Dagens Nyheter reports. C/U Ratmir Nagimyanov falling, w/S Tsey-Loam mountain viewed from above. DailyMotion: m/ruptly, video on Demand. Most read IN news, hanging ON FOR dear life, hang glider desperately holds on after pilot forgets to attach him.

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The incident took place on Kungsholmen, one of the islands that make up the Swedish capital, at around midday on Saturday. 84 Basejump Stockholm, basejump failure in stockholm, loading. We pay for your stories! Exclusive, twisted romance, woman who fell in love with brother campaigns to legalise incest. Rating ( 98 score) - 3 votes. Click here to upload yours. Police and witnesses say the man jumped and landed on the street in front of his friends who were filming as well as shocked diners at the restaurant on the ground floor of the building. Script, wingsuit-wearing base jumper, Ratmir Nagimyanov, filmed his spectacular jump off Tsey-Loam, a 3,200 metre high (10498.7 feet) mountain in the Assa gorge, located in the Russian Republic of Ingushetia, on November. Email us at or call.