Moderna museet malmö kontakt

moderna museet malmö kontakt

a series of white boxes; from the almost domestic scale of the upper gallery, to the Turbine Hall that boasts a unique space of almost eleven meters in height. And of course, the. Personal, vi jobbar på Moderna Museet Malmö. In Malmö, in the south of Sweden, there was also the possibility to, starting from the industrial architecture of the former Electricity plant dating from the year 1900, create a new art museum with an informal and experimental character that would complement the main museum. Nyhetsbrev, prenumerera på våra nyhetsbrev! It soon became clear that in reality what was needed was a building within a building, a contemporary addition within the existing shell. Die als Ausstellungsraum umgebaute, ehemalige Turbinenhalle erstreckt sich über eine Gesamtfläche von über 800 Quadratmeter.

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Har du synpunkter eller vill fråga något så är du välkommen att kontakta oss här! Das Museum für moderne Kunst ist das einzige Museum Skandinaviens, dass über eine nennenswerte Sammlung zeitgenössischer Kunst des. Die im Jahresverlauf wechselnde Ausstellungen, des auf skandinavische und internationale Kunst des. The staircases are each enclosed between two walls, which functions to divide the program of the turbine hall into three separate spaces, housing in addition to exhibition spaces a childrens studio and a separate loading area (in fact also used for exhibitions). Two new staircases allow the visitor to move in a loop between the grand turbine hall and the upper exhibition rooms. From a distance it is only intelligible in comparison to the adjacent houses, only on close proximity the building and details can be read in its own right. Seen from the exterior a new extension marks the arrival of the new museum. Lunch tour of Written in Light. Its perforated orange façade both connects to the existing brick architecture and introduces a contemporary element to the neighbourhood. The museum is open as usual. Enjoy our inspiring exhibitions and a drop-in workshop! Nach umfangreicher Modernisierung, in deren Verlauf das Gebäude einen auffälligen Anbau mit einer Fassadenverkleidung aus rot lackiertem Stahlblech erhielt, zog das Moderna Museet 2009 in das alte E-Werk ein.