Geologiska institutionen stockholm

geologiska institutionen stockholm

laboratory in the basement of our department I have assembled a few hundreds of metres of Palaeozoic intracratonic stratigraphy. January 2016 : Reconnaissance for deep drilling at Kinnekulle. May 2015 : Reconnaissance trip to Gotland to prepare for deep drilling. June 2014 : Field work and experience tour to classical Silurian localities of England and Wales. Holocene ooids and the significance of ancient calcareous oolites This project is funded through a small Lund university grant. Broadcasted on, swedish Radio P4, coverage by, gotland Allehanda.

geologiska institutionen stockholm

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I have the questions but not the answers. Teaching My teaching focuses on sedimentary processes and products on wide spatial and temporal scales from river systems and deserts in the continental interiors to the pelagic rain in the deep ocean, and from the Precambrian to the recent. The result will be one composite high-resolution Composite Eustasy Stratotype Section cess from each continent, which together forms the basis for the global model. Särskild inrättning inom fakulteten, juridiska fakulteten, samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten. The data collected provide information on colour, pleochroism, magnetic ordering, site occupancies, oxidation and weathering of minerals. Regional excursion with one at the first stops at Rövarekulan locality to discuss Silurian shale fill of the Colonus Shale Trough. Students learn to identify ancient depositional environments through facies analysis and also to study how these systems evolved through time by means of sequence stratigraphy in carbonate as well as clastic or mixed basins. Research projects I am a specialist in sedimentary geology, sequence stratigraphy, and palaeoecology, and utilise fossil sediments and geochemistry to study the interplay of global change in climate, sea-level and biodiversity (minor and mass extinctions).