Helge lunde icorn

helge lunde icorn

founding of the network, we also remember all those who are not safe or have paid with their lives in their struggle for change and freedom of speech. The main thing about Freedom of Speech is the change of peoples thinking and mentality. Stavanger, Norway in June 2006 at the Stavanger Cultural Center, Sølvberget. Org, email icorn, newsletter, partners. As reported by John Keenan last week. Finance officer, phone:, e-mail: Karin Hansson. Programme director, phone:, e-mail: Cathrine Helland. Amini was jailed after she reported on the case of a 16-year-old girl who was sentenced to death by stoning.

For this we have to create more awareness. The ancient weapon of awareness is writing. Among them is Bangladeshi publisher Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury (popularly called Tutul) who was scheduled to appear on a panel of the. After the dissolution of IPW in 2003, its activities were continued by the icorn Administration Center established. Shuddashar in 2004, was attacked in his office by a man wielding a sword.

As of 2018, over 60 cities offered this kind of refuge. More cities must join icorn. Since icorns launch in 2006, more than 50 cities have joined the network, and more than 150 writers and artists have been given safe haven. The, international Cities of Refuge Network icorn ) is an independent organisation of cities and regions which offers shelter to writers, journalists and artists at risk of persecution, thus advancing freedom of expression. After her release, she fled the country and with icorns help found residency as a guest writer in Trondheim, Norway. If you werent with us at #LBF16 to pick it up, download it here free of charge as a PDF. (Note that Early Bird rates end April.). And be sure to see our coverage of the International Publishers Associations 31st Congress in London and the IPAs choice of Saudi Web publisher Raif Badawi as recipient of the Prix Voltaire, as well as a look at the seven vibrant publishing markets. In 2010 icorn became an independent organization, and in 2014 it voted to expand their support to artists and musicians.

helge lunde icorn

During the same period he was responsible for Stavanger as City of Refuge for persecuted writers, and worked together with Norwegian PEN to develop the network throughout Norway and beyond.
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International Cities Of Refuge Network: Dedicated to freedom of expression, offering residencies to persecuted writers, journalists, artists, musicians.